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QUALITY POLICY * Undertake all efforts to raise the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers by acting in a customer-oriented manner.
* Become an innovative and trustful company in every aspect in our segment.
* Complete our commitments within the required time and quality at optimal costs.
* Offer the best service by continuously adopting innovations and changes as our individual principle.
* Keep quality at first place, from the moment when the raw material arrives until the work is handed over.
* Respect humans and nature by reducing the consumption of any resources that might harm the environment.
* Be permanently open to innovation by following technology closely.
* Be transparent and honest to our partners, customers and staff.
ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY Environmental Policy – Targets and Princibles as Aksal Steel:
* Meeting requirements of Environment and Energy Legislation,
* Working to improvesystems of Environment and constantly energy management systems,
* To minimize waste, to prevent pollution at its source, to use energy efficiently and reduce the negative impacts of our activities on the environment,
* Protecting the environment and disseminate this principle to all of our suppliers,
* To identify the risks for the realted to environmental emergencies and reduce them,
* Improving our Works by providing awareness training about the environmental policy and the efficient use of energy,
* Reduction of air emissions from our production activities and undertake activities for the protection of air quality,
* The main objectives and goals in line with our commitment to above;
* As much as possible, to reduce and avoid air and water pollution, reduce leaks and spills and noise.
* To reduce the use of packaging, ensure to be recycled the packaging and reused
* Ensure to efficiently use of materials and energy and continuously improve the energy performance.
AUTOMATIC SANDING, AUTOMATIC PAINTING, AND DRYING MACHIN | GIEATART 2506 With its 18.000 mm x 2.500 mm x 605 mm working capacity, the GIETART 2506, a system which consists of pre-drying, brushing, sanding, shop-primer painting and final drying sections, carries out its operations by making use of automatic roller systems.

Profiles with H, U, L-cuts, pipes, sheet metals and tubular steel etc., and other materials can be sanded with grit and painted with shop primer automatically.
MANUAL SANDING, PAINTING AND DRYING UNIT | AKSAL MK With its operation capacity of 40.000 mm x 8.000 mm x 6.000 mm our system produced by using German technology has been designed to remove the burrs resulting from welding, and to carry out a manual sanding process for final cleaning. The manual sanding unit uses grit (metal pieces). Thanks to the ventilation and grit conversion system, the dust and dirt within the grit used during the sanding process passes through the filter, so that the cleaned grit is recycled and can be used again.

By keeping the health and safety at work at the highest level, fresh air is continuously ventilated into the cabin. As a result of kiln-drying at high temperatures, the finishing paints of the materials dry out very quickly.
CNC CUTTING | KALTENBACH HDM 1432 The HDM-1432, with an operating capacity of 18.000 mm x 1.200 mm x 600 mm and capable of making non-destructive vertical cuts, offers a high level of performance.

Besides the option of making angular cuts, the HDM-1432, which is able to make layered and package cuts, can perform all cuts in a CNC-controlled manner.

The operation system of the machine is managed with modern proficut steel manufacturing software.
CNC-3D DRILLING MACHINE | KALTENBACH KDX 1215 With an operating capacity of 18.000 mm x 1.200 mm x 600 mm, the machine is able to drill on three axes.

Vertical (Y) + Horizontal (w+z)). It is capable of drilling holes with a diameter of 50 mm and thickness of 150 mm.

By using HSS (High Speed Steel) solid and extremely solid metal drill bits, the drill speed and quality can be increased in accordance with the requirements of the project.
CNC ROBOT | KALTENBACH KC 1201 With an operating capacity of 18.000 mm x 1.200 mm x 600 mm, it is able to work on eight axes. The machine works with an integrated KUKA robot. The cuts of the materials at the beginning and end of the modules, angled cuts such as castellated beam manufacturing and special cutting types can be realized.

It is capable of working with files that feature NC-DSTV characteristics.

With this machine it is possible to create a laser drawing of the location of the reinforcement plaques and the item numbers.
CNC-PLASMIC CUTS AND CNC DRILLS | KALTENBACH KF 2506 With an operating capacity of 12.000 mm x 2.500 mm x 100mm it can automatically cut steel plates with plasma and fire.

Furthermore, at the same time, it can drill sheet metals which are thicker than 20 mm. With this ultra-high performance, counter-boring and thread-cutting operations can be performed.

At the same time, this machine enables the user to carry out required marking and writing operations on sheet metals.

Thanks to its special feature of fine cutting, wastage can be minimized and finished parts can be sorted out. The system is operated with the LANTEK steel prodcution program.
CUTTING/DRILLING SHEETS AND PIPES | AJAN CNC With its operating capacity of 12,000 mm X 3,500 mm x 100 mm, this machine with its double-bridge structure can drill and cut two different plates at the same time, in accordance to the measures defined in the project. The CNC-System, which works with the machine in an integrated manner, is capable of opening chocks to pipes, and to perform vertical and angular cuts. feature NC-DSTV characteristics.

The machine can be operated with DXF, ESSI and NC tool path files. Thanks to this machine, all programme parameters can be modified during operation. The machine can be operated with the standard DIN / ISO and G codes.
SCALE ADJUSTABLE HYDRAULIC GUILLOTINE CUTTER | BAYKAL HNC 3116 The HNC Scale Adjustable Hydraulic Guillotine cutter, superior and unique thanks to its maximum cutting capacity is capable of cutting sheets up to a length of 3,100mm and thickness of 16 mm.

Due to its easy use and superior sensibility, it provides a production process with a highlevel of efficiency, sensibility and effective production costs.
CNC 16 MM HYDRAULIC PRESS-BRAKE BENDING MACHINE | BAYKAL 61440 The Hydraulic Press-Brake Bending Machine, which is very famous in the field of energy efficiency, is able to bend steel sheets at a desired scale, up to a length of 6.000 mm and a thickness of 16 mm. Free fall, bending and return speeds render the production processes more flexible.

This press-brake bending machine causes les production costs and increases the serial production speed to a maximum level.
HYDRAULIC STEEL BENDING MACHINE WITH 4 BALLS | ŞAHİNLER 4R HJS 30-460 Capable of bending steel sheets of up to a width of 3.100 mm and a thickness of 40 mm and of working completely automatically.

This machine, capable of bending in the desired scale works with a 4-ball-system.
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The projects successfully completed by Aksal include hotel constructions, industrial facilities, bridges, skyscrapers, factories, pipelines and pressure tanks. With its young and strong technical staff, Aksal provides service to perform any kind and any size of construction contracts with an annual steel production and installation capacity of 46.000.000 kg / year at its facility located at the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone with an area of 26,000 m2.

Since its establishment and built on its great experience in , Aksal Steel Construction Ltd. has implemented more than 100 successful projects working with the most prestigious brands of the world, thus becoming a leader in its field.

  • Steel Structural Works
  • Steel Manifacturing and Installation of High-Rise Buildings
  • Project Management
  • Pipeline / Piping
  • Sandblasting / Painting
  • Pressure Tanks (LPG/ LNG)
  • API 650 Storage Tanks and Silos
  • Cyclones
  • OUR VISION AND MISSIONAksal's Visionary;

    To prepare a better tomorrow from today, Aksal Steel provides continuous social and economical improvement on every activity field points around the world. Accordingly, by applying environmental protection focused programs, being beneficial to society, making Aksal sustainable in real meaning is the main point of our visionary.

    Aksal's Mission

    Making movements with the knowledge of long term profit is based on the quality, making contributions to sectors’ activty field and economy, in all conditions, ensuring sustainability as a trustworthy group in every aspect.
    WE CALCULATE EVERY STEPAksal Steel is a company that always tries to aim for the leading role by detecting the customers’ expectations towards high-quality well and by continuously improving all products and steps that are part of the value chain. Our quality policy, which is documented by our team of experts, is continuously updated and improved to conserve its actuality.

    It is the main policy of our company to provide the highest safety standards in our projects. Safety is not obtained by chance. It is the result of a large amount of care and attention brought forward either directly or indirectly by the staff with regard to company operations.

    Each staff within the company, diligently executes any company policy necessary for the maintenance of safety and occupational health.

    Every step of our works is done by abiding to our principles set out to ensure the safety of our own staff and subcontractors. The primary objective of our security policy is to avoid the occurrence of any unfavourable event to prevent our staff from suffering any harm.

    All production at our facility is performed by using fully automatic CNC machines.
    Loss of time and costs during production
    are minimized, thanks to a well-equipped machine park.
    All other details, too, are carefully revised and the delivery as well as the installation of the products are provided.
    All project works that are realized under the name of Aksal, are run by its professional project team of the design and development departments. The project team uses the latest computer software throughout all the planning works thus providing the best services with respect to national-international regulations. Thanks to three-dimensional models, drawings, static and dynamic calculations during the planning stage of a project, all structural details are clarified and any faults that might occur during the production and Installation stages can be minimized.

    The production of construction structures by Aksal is carried out by using fully automatic CNC machines in its factory, which is located at the AOSB (Antalya Organized Industrial Zone). Thanks to state-of-theart computer software, ensuring a faultless data flow during the production stage, all potential errors can be minimized.To avoid any deformation during drilling and welding works, no flame cutting is performed. The processed material is taken to the mounting and welding part on roller conveyors. After the welding is finished, the material is led to the abrasion and surface-cleaning segment, where it is prepared for painting. In automated paint ovens, undercoat colour and the last layer of epoxy colours are applied After the painting, a final quality control is executed, before the delivery to the construction site.

    INSTALLATION PHASEAll preparations required at the construction site before the transfer of the produced material to the construction site are completed. The anchorage plates are anchored under the supervision of topographers according to the project, before or after the reinforced concrete and then the structural steel is transferred to the construction site.
    It is stocked at the place determined by the construction site management. The installation starts by taking the highest required security measures at the construction site.


    • AOSB has awarded the most successful companies of the year 2016.
      AKSAL ÇELİK is the 3rd among the "Companies providing the highest employment". We would like to thank all our suppliers and teammates for their support...
      Many thanks to Mr. Yusuf AKCAYOGLU - IGA CEO, for the plaque of success given to our firm concerning the outstanding achievement of our team at the IGA Airport project which we have undertaken the steel construction manufacturing and assembly works.




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